Making Solar Energy Practical, Affordable and Doable

It is ironic that solar energy can result in significantly lower energy bills, something many economically challenged families struggle with, yet the average cost to implement alternative energy is out of reach of many who would benefit the most. New Vision provides a way for people to contribute to their own lives, to their neighbor’s lives, and to the community in which they live. Using our win-win approach, people will be able to discover the power of becoming an energy producer at the same time they are reducing their power bill.

We believe that with a small amount of training and support, people can be trained to build their own solar panels, while working with friends and neighbors to install solar systems both on their homes and the community facilities they depend on.

New Vision believes that hope is restored by believing in people, giving them the tools to help themselves and by creating a reason to come together and build community. This concept, without a doubt, is a time-tested, well-proven, age-old new vision.

New Vision’s Approach to Solar Energy Solutions

“That’s a really bad idea” replied the director of the National Renewable Energy Lab when he heard about the concept of making “hand crafted” solar panels. He didn’t get it; few people do. New Vision is not just about making cheaper solar panels, creating jobs, and saving money. It is about all those things and more.

David the Psalmist wrote that without a vision, we perish. Many in our country have lost a vision for their lives…many have lost hope. In other words, people live with the expectation that nothing good will happen. Hopelessness is pervasive in communities where poverty exists. Without hope isolation sets in as people become discouraged and pull away from one another. Hopelessness leaves people no longer believing in their God-given ability to make a difference—even in their own lives.

Years ago people and communities thrived on solving their own problems. There was no government agency, no “experts,” to tell people their ingenuity was a really bad idea. People worked alongside each other productively; building homes, barns, churches, communities and lives. Having a barn to build or a quilt to sew provided a focal point for people to come together for mutual benefit and encouragement. Vision birthed vision; hope birthed hope.

Find out how you can participate and begin taking advantage of the power of the sun and the power of the Son! Contact us at or call 304-457-2971.

In the 740 rural counties in the U.S. more than 20% of our citizens live below the poverty line with little hope of reversing the cycles of generational poverty. It has been years since they were able to provide for themselves. Many live as beneficiaries of income that they do not earn; it is given with no expectation of any service in return.

Mother Teresa once said that the greatest tragedy of poverty is not having a lack resources but of having nothing to contribute. Where a vision exists of people providing for themselves, of all people having something to contribute, there is the place where human dignity thrives and hope is restored.

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