Call to Action update

Call to Action has been organizing White Supremacy and Catholicism Study Circles and our plans to create more templates and programs for chapters.

CTA’s White Supremacy Study Circles investigate the intersection of Catholicism and White Privilege and seek to dismantle white supremacy in our church. There are currently three main components of this work:

  • In person study circles. CTA is working with local leaders in Charlottesville to host a day-long retreat in 2018. This will be an opportunity for Catholics in the Charlottesville area to reflect on the racist rallies that recently invaded their city and organize a faithful response to white supremacy. If you live in or around the Charlottesville area and are interested in learning more about this retreat you can email for more information.
  • Online webinar. On November 28, 2017, CTA held an online webinar to give our members an opportunity to reflect on– and resist– the impact of white supremacy in our parishes and communities. Over forty CTA members from across the United States participated in this event.
  • Resources for Chapters. We are currently in the process of forming resources for CTA Chapters committed to dismantling racism and white supremacy.

Today, I’m writing to you with an update about one program that I’m particularly excited about: CTA’s 20/30 Project for Mentoring and Leadership.  The 20/30 Project will mentor, empower and educate a diverse cohort of young adult Catholic leaders throughout 2018. Our Young Adult Leaders will gather at a 3 day retreat in May 2018 to learn about Catholic social teaching, analyze dominant power structures, and study methods of social movement and change. The Young Adult Leaders will then go back to their various home regions to be paired with a mentor from a CTA chapter near their local area. These mentors will guide and support young adult leaders as they work on a specific leadership project of their choosing that will benefit their local community. Young Adult Leaders will then travel to our 2018 National Conference where they will present on their work and share what they learned with our wider community.

Applications are now open for both Young Adult Leaders and mentors. Please take a minute to read more about this exciting program, and spread the word to any young adult Catholic leaders in your life.

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