National Council of Churches Eco-Justice Programs

The National Council of Churches serves as an umbrella organization for thirty-six Protestant and Orthodox denominations in the United States, which represent 120,000 congregations nationwide. The Eco-Justice Program office helps denominations and congregations address environmental issues on both a national and local level. The Council aims to engage Christian churches in eco-justice efforts by providing information and resources to congregations to assist them with incorporating eco-justice into the life of their church. Since the 1980s, with the formation of the Eco-Justice Working Group (a coalition of various Council communions and denominations) the Council has been able to actively engage people of faith on environmental issues. The resources provided through the Council include an Anthology of denominational statements on the environment, materials for Earth Day services, an information and strategy packet on climate change, a video called “God’s Creation & Global Warming,” and a study guide on global warming from a Christian perspective. These and other materials are available through the Environmental Justice Resource Distribution Center (1-800-762-0968) or on the Council’s website ( The Council actively involves congregations through its programs as well, including training conferences for clergy and lay leaders and the Environmental Justice Covenant Program, in which participating churches sign a covenant expressing their commitment to incorporate environmental justice into their congregation on a variety of levels, including worship, advocacy, education, and lifestyle. The Energy Stewardship Congregations Program helps congregations initiate energy conservation strategies. A network of regional denominational Environmental Justice Coordinators helps to draw in new congregations and support those already involved. This network is supported not only through resources and ongoing communication, but also through regional training events held periodically. The Council, through its Working Group, also organizes biennial ecumenical conferences, such as “Enough for All: Sustainable Living in a Global World,” which was held at Seattle University in June of 2003. In addition, the Eco-Justice program office initiates new program offerings to help support its eco-justice mission. In 2004, the Council launched a Faith & Eco-Justice Fellowship program for emerging practitioners as a way to empower and train leaders in the field of eco-justice. In the fall of 2004, the Council will host a Theological Gathering on the Environment, which will help create a set of common principles on the environment from a Christian perspective

The NCC Eco-Justice Working Group was founded in 1983 to help national bodies of Protestant and Orthodox Christian denominations to collaborate on environmental projects. In 1993, the Council joined in partnership with the Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Evangelical Environmental Network, to form the National Religious Partnership for the Environment.

Engaged Projects

NCC Eco-Justice Program
Cassandra Carmichael, Director
110 Maryland Ave, NE
Washington, DC 20002
Phone: 202.544.2350, ext. 27

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