The Haudenosaunee’s seven points toward reconciliation as submitted by Dr. Antone

The Haudenosaunee’s seven points toward reconciliation as submitted by Dr. Antone

  1. A new and full retraction of all Papal Bulls that have been interpreted or used to disenfranchise Indigenous Peoples from their lands, nation status and freedom of travel and right of their own citizenship.
  2. A direct communique be sent to nation states of United States of America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and its Supreme Courts directing them the Church does not support the inclusion within their legal system the use or reference of the Doctrine of Discovery.
  3. The Holy See or His representatives assist in meeting with these Nation States and Indigenous Peoples in the development of a process of retracting, removing, dismantling, rejecting of all use of case law that unjustly oppresses Indigenous Peoples.
  4. The Church assist Indigenous Peoples to seek relief from the impact of the Marshall Trilogy (US Supreme Court rulings that justifies US ownership of the land by the Papal Bulls) by establishing diplomatic relations with settler states to secure the right of Indigenous Nations to be rightful owners of their own lands protected from any form of occupation; the original governance system of Indigenous Nations be acknowledged and recognized; and that settler governments will remove the threat and act of plenary power.
  5. The Church will assist in the dialogue and agreement of securing the freedom to travel the original territories of Indigenous Nations that have been divided by international boundaries imposed by settler states.
  6. The Church assist the work in the United Nations for Indigenous Nations to secure Observer Status.
  7. The Church and Indigenous Peoples establish a forum to protect the natural world including meeting the challenge of climate change and destruction of key elements like clean water as a human right.

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