“Merchant mentality” can take over our souls – caring for what it gets us, outward wealth or inward comfort – Eckhart

Eckhart warns us that the “merchant mentality” can take over our souls. Some people look on God as they do a cow—”for the milk and cheese and profit it makes them.  This is how it is with people who love God for the sake of outward wealth or inward comfort.”

Eckhart alerts us to how true compassion is not just about intuition or feeling—it is also about using our intellects to their full, therefore it is about creating a just economic system, one that works for all and not just a few. This is how he puts it:

We therefore are compassionate like the Father when we are compassionate, not from passion, not from impulse but from deliberate choice and reasonable decision.  For Psalm 84 says: ‘Compassion and truth meet one another’—that is passion and reason. And again, in Psalm 32: ‘He loves compassion and judgment.’….The passion does not take the lead but follows, does not rule but serves.

Dorothy Day icon by Nicholas Tsai. Image uploaded to Flickr by Jim Forest

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