Basil Brave Heart, one of the most respected Elders on Pine Ridge Advice for Now

Basil Brave Heart, one of the most respected Elders on Pine Ridge, October 2020

“The shadow’s brain, heart, and soul is darker than dark.  We’re on a path of a spiritual disruption of the sacred natural order of the universe.  The light is at the end of this dark tunnel and this is the natural spiritual law – chaos seeks order, and order is light.  Our ancestral teaching is to live a prayer of gratitude, walk with prayer, and experience your whole being with prayer.  This has got to be a way of life right now.  When I say live it, I mean drink the sacred water with a prayer every time you drink.  Thank the sacred light and breath, and all creation… the flowers, trees, the four legged, our relatives in the air and in the water, our multidimensional relatives, and everything above and below.  If you live like this, you move to a place where you have unconditional love for ALL creation.  I don’t know how long we’ll have to do this, but this is how the divine feminine vibration is initiating us right now. 

This is not something I just came up with.  These things are part of a narrative that my grandma shared.  She said to do this and not forget.  All of us forget sometimes, but we need to remember.  There is a dark spot on the fabric of the universe, but that dark spot cannot hold out because goodness always wins.  Love is the bottom line.  The dark spot is cured by love.

People have called saying they’re scared.  We need to approach this historical time with the knowing that we will see the light at the end of the tunnel.  All of the narrative that we’re hearing is fear based, and that is the way disruption is caused.  But the people will experience a positive outcome. 

Right now we can live in our homes in a sacred way, by being in prayer, cooking for each other, loving our families, and taking care of each other.  All of us need to think in a positive knowing way, because our thoughts and our knowing are energy that will affect the outcome”.


“I bring this message to you because I think it is very important.  I have received many calls over a period of 40 years, and today I decided to share what I’m hearing.  Recently, I received calls from two people I’ve known for a long time.  These are people I trust, who are very grounded.  Both of them saw deer that seemed to be there one moment, and then disappeared the next.  Other people have seen ancestors, and others have seen forms of light that come into their vision and disappear.  Recently, this is happening to people more frequently.

If you see something, does it really exist?  My understanding of what’s happening is that the left and right hemispheres of our brain, our neurological structure, is being rewired (to use definitions from a linear/secular paradigm).  I am coming from a paradigm that could be referred to as divine madness, where divine phenomena happen.  When we see things like this, we are experiencing an awakening to our original, primordial rhythm and a return to the sacred natural order of the universe.  The fabric of this holographic universe is revealing its omnipresent nature.  Quantum physicists call this “quantum wave.”  What you are perceiving has always been there, even though you could not see it before.  Please understand that this is a phenomenon that is divine in nature.  We need to know that this is more than what we can even explain.  I’m revealing this from my ancestors, who carried this in their oral language tradition.

I’m trying to explain this in a linear language (English) and it’s very difficult to explain.  The language of the Universe is vibrational, something in sacred motion.  My ancestors called this Taku Wakan Skan Skan.  What is happening is a pure gift to be embraced.

If you have experienced this, please feel free to reply to this email with “yes.”

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