Reinventing Education: the 10 Cs

 From Matthew Fox, Dec 2020: The“10 C’s,” let us meditate briefly on each of these “C’s.”  Of course, we are not leaving this question or these ten responses behind, we take them with us wherever we go and whatever the news that speaks to us daily.

1. Critical Thinking.  In this era of social media and “alternative facts,” Q-anon and thousands of presidential lies entering common political discourse, Critical Thinking is more important than ever.

2. Cosmology/Ecology.  For centuries, humans have misunderstood our place in the universe and therefore our place on this very special planet in the universe that we call home.  Anthropocentrism is dead.  The narcissism of our species is over.  Or ought to be.

John Lewis (later U.S. Representative) was among the civil rights marchers beaten in Selma on “Bloody Sunday,” 3/7/1965. Photo from the Obama White House Archives.

3. CourageA large heart—coeur large—is called for if we are to navigate the great challenges facing our and other species today.  Truth-telling and service take courage.  A response to the prophetic call that invites us all to change our ways and learn to work together demands a big heart for which there is no substitute.  “God is delighted to watch our souls enlarge” (Eckhart).

4. Chaos.  The return of the goddess Chaos, our learning to recognize her again as intrinsic to nature and that too much order is as dangerous and deadly as too much disorder, can be seen all about us in a time of pandemic which upends our normal routines but which also prepares us for new visions and new habits of dwelling on the earth—a “new normal” becomes possible. 

“Climate Justice Now!” Art by Nissa Tzun, commissioned by Vince Reinhart, portraying climate heroes Greta Thunberg, Quanna Chasing Horse Potts, and Isra Hirsi. On Flickr.

5. Character/Moral Development.  Our inner work is essential to developing our full humanity and this means learning how important integrity is and how, while we are all fallible and imperfect, even our mistakes teach us and redeem us.

6. ContemplationCalming the reptilian brain, learning how to “make silence,” is essential to an authentic humanity and to our survival as a species.  Move over, reptilian brain, make way for the mammal brain.

A permaculture forest garden, offering food to humans and nonhumans in a regenerative, designed ecosystem. Photographer unknown.

7. CreativitySurvival today requires an explosion of Creativity, from alternative energy to virus vaccines, to new agriculture and diets. Much of the power of the mammal brain is our power of birthing, “creativity happens in the realm of the mothers,” observes Carl Jung.  In creativity we and the Holy Spirit co-create together and the divine feminine asserts itself in both women and men.

8.Compassion/Justice.  Compassion is not sentimentalism, “compassion means justice” (Eckhart).  Compassion is the action that derives from the ancient spiritual principle, finally rediscovered by today’s science, that we are all interdependent, that “whatever happens to another, be it a joy or sorrow, happens to me” (Eckhart).  With science on board, a future of compassion and justice seems possible.

“Power to the People” poster by John August Swanson. From the PISLAP website.

9. Community Compassion and justice build community.  We are being stretched to see anew how many communities we all belong to today, beginning with the universe community and the earth community (see # 2 above).  Within community, life derives its meaning and we derive good work.

10. Ritual/Ceremony“There is no community without ritual” (Melidoma Some).  In ritual we are all invited to share our common joy and our common grief, and become empowered for our common work which is about becoming the best humans we can be in loving and defending Mother Earth and her future.

See Matthew Fox, The A.W.E. Project: Reinventing Education, Reinventing the Human. 

Also Matthew Fox, Sins of the Spirit, Blessings of the Flesh: Transforming Evil in Soul and Society. 

Also Matthew Fox, Creativity: Where the Divine and the Human Meet. 

Also Matthew Fox, A Spirituality Named Compassion.

Banner Image: “We Can Do Better” Photo by Benjamin Finley on Unsplash.

The A.W.E. Project: Reinventing Education, Reinventing the Human

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