Pope calls for courageous action within institutions

“For a structure to be functional, everyone must have sufficient freedom to function… that they have the ability to take risks and not go asking for permission, permission, permission… this paralyzes,” he added, before urging the Vatican journalists to be “courageous.”

The Dicastery for Communication — as the media sector is officially called — is the second-largest item in the Holy See’s consolidated budget. It falls just behind the Vatican’s diplomatic service and its nunciatures.The pope launched the communications reform in 2014 to merge and consolidate what had been several distinct media offices.The Roman Curia is regularly shaken upA multilingual website called, simply, “Vatican News”, is one of the major fruits of the media reform. It attracts some 680,000 readers per day.The paper, L’Osservatore Romano, gets some 20,000 online viewers each day.

Read more at: https://international.la-croix.com/news/religion/the-pope-takes-aim-at-his-own-messengers/14365

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