In defense of amateurs

Charles Chu, on, 21 May 2017 talks about one of my favorite quotes (initially shared with me by theology professor Brian Mahan from Harvard Divinity School and the University of Chicago) G.K. Chesterton: In Defense of Amateurs “If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly.” So goes one of the G.K. Chesterton’s most […]

Highlights from a recent TED talk on Universal Basic Income. Also, Single Payer is achievable, say leading Dems

Highlights from a recent TED talk on Universal Basic Income, Common Dreams, 26 April, 2017.  Article on it notes that the concepts are far from new, and recent examples are easy to find. As Laura Williams, activism officer at the U.K.-based advocacy group Global Justice Now, noted recently: “In 2008-2009 Namibia experimented with the world-wide first […]

Father Greg Boyle: I thought I could “save” gang members. I was wrong. The heart of ministry is to receive people and then enter into the exquisite mutuality God intends for us all.

Fr. Greg Boyle, in America Magazine, 28 March 2017 Photo courtesy of Homeboy Industries I don’t believe in mistakes. Everything belongs, and, as the homies say, “It’s all good.” I do believe in lessons learned. I have learned that you work with gang members and not with gangs, otherwise you enforce the cohesion of gangs and […]

The “Priest Shortage”: John Kane writes

John Kane of Regis University was active with the Catholics for the Spirit of Vatican II nearly 30 years ago now, with the editor of this blog.  For over 20 years, he published the local newsletter/paper Leaven.  When he closed that, he collaborated on the start of Denver Catholic Network, which was also the genesis […]