Blessed Unrest: Biodiversity for a Livable Climate (Restoring Ecosystems To Reverse Global Warming)

From the Loretto Earth Network –

Biodiversity for a Livable Climate (Restoring Ecosystems To Reverse Global Warming) is in the midst of an online series of workshops, Blessed Unrest. You may specially want to attend the May 2 presentation on the Divine Feminine and the restorative healing of Mother Earth.

11:30 (EST)   How Faith Brings Blessed Unrest, Part 2:
The Necessity of the Divine Feminine in the Climate Crisis
Panel with Rev Dele and Lama Elizabeth Monson

This panel will discuss: What is the Divine Feminine ?  Why should we care?

How can the Divine Feminine significantly impact the climate movement?

In this 50th anniversary week of the original Earth Day, it is good to pause and reflect what is underneath all our passion for Earth. “There lives the dearest freshness deep down things,” wrote the poet. Yes, that of God shines through creation and, as Thomas Berry wrote, serves as the First Book of Revelation.

In this climate-weary pandemic-fraught week, we may hear technocratic measures to save the atmosphere from an infestation of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Metrics and machines – electric vehicles, wind farms, shutting down coal-fired power plants and fracking – may lead the conversation. We suggest a pause, and a deep breath … talk time to smell the roses, and reflect.

The whole point of reducing CO2 from the atmosphere is to return to Nature’s way of running on current energy – from the sun, the wind, and the tides. So, one way to stabilize the climate is, indeed, to do our best to keep all that carbon that Earth has sequestered for millennia exactly in the ground where it naturally belongs. So, yes, find other ways to energize our lives without burning fossil fuels. At the same time, let us remember the equally important way to stabilize the climate, which is to reverse bad habits and make a space for Nature to do what it naturally does – create an abundance of life and health in ecosystems as a whole. Practices such as regenerative agriculture and reforestation show dramatic increases in carbon sequestration while also providing healthy food, transforming deserts, removing poisons, and restoring diversity of plant and animal species.

If you are able to attend this workshop, settle in for a refreshing invitation to practice gentle, feminine ways of restoring Life’s capacity to generate the conditions conducive to Life.

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